Crossover Research Exhibition at KASK Antwerp


The crossover group exhibition “Women and violence” is a start of an intervention with the works of Ulla Deventer, Mashid Mohadjerin, Renata Lamenza and Liza Van de Stock.

Opening on Thursday Oct 4th from 16 to 21
and on the Friday Oct 5th from 12 to 5pm.

On discovering the overlapping topics in our research projects at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, we felt the desire to form a dialogue about our projects.

We looked at each others work and the points of view that each of us has discovered throughout their research. It became evident that time was needed to talk more, look at each others work and explore ways to collaborate. This is how this exhibition has come about: bringing our research together reacting, contrasting and intensifying; adding layers to each others work.

Can we modify perceptions on women and violence? How could we amplify symbols, stigmas, images associated to our topics, address their urgency yet remain within the realm of art?